Televisor is a collection of musical sketches recorded between 2012 and 2013, the majority of which were playfully brought into existence when Gardens & Villa stopped by Richard Swift's National Freedom studio in February of 2012. During psychological experiments inspired by Carl Jung's "Liber Novus" they reflected on madness and greatness, searching for redeeming symbols to inspire tone and vibe, smoke and mirrors and the late night hiss. Some danced in-between takes or barked like a train. The band later described their time with Swift as "a fun and frenzied recording, undertaken during professional hysterics."

The other pieces of "Televisor" were selected from the Dunes recording with Tim Goldsworthy, 2013. Together these sessions represent some of the more hidden or shrouded sinews of a sonic structure; the unseen movements and psychedelic corridors of Gardens & Villa.

  • 06/26/15
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Center for the Arts Eagle Rock
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